maggie g. at 4 months

i am determined that maggie’s month-by-month blog posts are not going to get later and later!  Maggie turned 4 months on the 7th and boy is our girl as cute as ever!  i know it goes without saying, but, we love having her around.  🙂


at 4 months, maggie..

has discovered her hands and seems to determined to fit her whole fist into her mouth

drools buckets

talks up a storm

gives us some chuckles

smiles all day, every day

loves to lay on her back and kick

has started bearing weight on her legs some and is getting stronger at sitting her little seat

developed a regular bedtime around 7, eats around 11, and sleeps at times until 7ish!  (still wakes up for her paci about once a night and some nights to eat)

has started rice cereal and avocado! (the rice cereal seemed to upset her tummy so i quit that and we just do one little “meal” around dinner time)

has had her first cold 🙁

still doesn’t like riding in the car

enjoys playing with toys more and more.

its kind of alarming how fast time is flying by.  so thankful for you sweet girl!  you are a joy and a blessing!



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  1. Gayle

    So beautiful, full of joy!

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