Maggie at One Month

Our Maggie turned one month on the seventh!  It’s really hard to believe that her first month has come and gone already.  I guess it is the tragedy of parenting that time seems to stand still and fly by simultaneously.


maggie 1 mo


At one month…..

Maggie has started to give a few smiles!  (Sometimes my fave hurts from smiling at her to earn these smiles!)

While the first couple of weeks consisted of constant sleep from our girl, she did begin to “wake up” as expected around 3 weeks.  She still sleeps most of the time of course but has started being fussy most evenings.  We have discovered the “magic sling” that seems to do the trick most of the time.  She eats really fast, spits up kind of regularly, likes real baths ok, and gets a ton of kisses from everyone, especially her big brother!

At her two week appointment she was…

8 lbs 7 oz (55%)

21 1/4 inches long (84%)

14 1/4 in in head circumference (57%)



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