maggie at 3 months

even though this post is a week late, i did manage to take maggie’s pictures last week!  on the 7th maggie turned three months old!

mg 3 mo 1


at 3 months maggie…

still hates the car!

has discovered her hands

is interested in toys

sleeps the same, good naps throughout the day and pretty well at night.  isn’t always predictable at night, sometimes I get up at 3:30, or 4:30 or it could be 6 but she always goes back to sleep really easily 🙂  good girl.

hates tummy time, but sleeps on her tummy

mg 3mo 2



eats like a champ!

weighs about 14.2 lbs

doesn’t seem to have lost any hair! the mullet is not only intact but growing!  her hair does seem to be growing in a little lighter!

enjoys baths (until she gets out)

has a flair for the dramatic (if something makes her upset she lets you know and has to really be calmed down sometimes!)

pays attention to books

loves it when mommy sings to her

and…best of all, has started to chuckle every now and then, especially when we tickle her cheeks!

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