maggie at 2 months

And suddenly our maggie is no longer a newborn and is now a smiling, cooing, chubby two month old!  And that hair just keeps on growing!!

maggie 2_2


2 month old maggie….

smiles! (started around 5 weeks ish)

is making more and more noises “talking” to us

is sleeping pretty great!  She started having some really long almost “through the night” stretches around 7 weeks.

had her first ER visit….(stomach bug/fever)

stopped having really fussy evenings at 7 weeks

learned to use bottles

enjoyed her first thanksgiving

is still happy to sleep in her bouncy seat in our room at night but naps great in her crib during the day

loves staring at the tree lights, and all lights 🙂

maggie 2_1


her 2 month stats were:

weight: 12 lbs 10.5 oz (88%)

length: 23 3/4 inch (91&)

head: 15 1/4 in (46%)


we love our sweet girl and are excited about her first christmas!

Maggie at one month

Jackson at two months


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