9 months!

on this, the eve of maggie turning 10 months old, i thought it only appropriate to publish her 9 month post that i began about 3 weeks ago 🙂


for some reason, 9 months seems like such a turning point in babyhood.  our girl is still very much a baby, of course.  she isn’t interested in crawling but is getting more and more intentional with her movements.  she loves playing with the box of duplos, taking toys in and out.  maggie’s favorite toy is a doll from my childhood.  she gets sooo worked up over it!  jackson and i have decided that she cant have it in the car anymore, its too loud!


maggie loves the pool and bath time, and watching her brother most of all.  she is still entertained by porkchop and i think she knows what the word dog means?  she definitely lights up when I say “eat”!  She is starting to wave, doesn’t know any of her signs yet, loves peek-a-boo. maggie really likes to clap her hands and knows that “yay!” means to clap.  but of course never does it when i want to show someone 🙂


she is our goofy girl.  she is definitely more aware and i think i see a great sense of humor coming out.

maggie still naps 2-3 times a day, eats two (large) meals of solids, goes to bed at night by 7 and still nurses around 10-11 at night…

her sleeping isn’t super consistent, some nights she doesn’t make a peep for 8 hrs and some nights she’s up fussing several times. she is very attached to mommy and is not drinking from a bottle!


maggie would totally watch the ipad or tv if i let her 🙂

she seems to be learning to clap.  and one morning last week she started waving her hands and then clasping them under her chin.

her favorite food is still sweet potatoes i think.  (she likes mommy’s homemade the best mixed with applesauce and cinnamon)

when maggie sees something she really likes or wants she says “ohhh”‘

we love you maggie!  stop growing so fast!




9 month stats:

weight: 21 lbs .5 oz 81%

length: 29 in 87%

head: 17.5 in 59%

jackson at 9 months

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  1. She has a smile like a little lady in that first photo. So great. And yes! Such a sense of humor in her! Love it.


    Can you make me sweet potatoes with cinnamon and brown sugar next time I visit? Hello. That sounds so delicious… but burrito bowls are good, too. 🙂

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