5 month maggie

5 months!

***Since Maggie will be 6 months old tomorrow, I thought it would only be appropriate to finally post her 5 month pictures today:)  (The tardiness due to a lost camera cord).  I did take these pictures and write the below description a month ago.***

oh maggie, our girl.

she is full of emotions, she mimics, she takes forever to fall asleep, she loves to smile at everyone.

she is still not a huge fan of the car, but its getting better.

we dropped the rice cereal but maggie now eats avocado, prunes (lots of ’em!), banana (not a fan), and peas.  next up: sweet potatoes.


mg_5_7 mg_5_6 mg_5_5 Mg_5_4 mg_5_3 mg_5_2 mg_5_1

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  1. These photos are THE. BEST. Having all the feels about this right now. She’s so expressive and those baby blues!

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