10 month maggie

10 months!  i cant believe it.  ive already started planning our girl’s birthday party.  eek!

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In the past month, maggie’s learning seems to have really opened up.  she says “mama”! all day everyday!  she was saying “dada” as well but that has slumped a bit. she knows how to play peek-a-book, clap (say yay!), identify our faces in pictures, rolling a ball back and forth (or in her case , throwing), wave, and boy does she know how to scream!  she particularly does not getting cleaned up after meals.  my favorite new thing is probably her “dancing”.  she puts her hands up and wiggles her head.  her favorite songs are “coming home” by leon bridges and “in the garden” by daniel martin moore.

i’ve given her puffs and she is obsessed!  she gets so excited when she sees that container!  her favorite foods are still sweet potato, peas, and peaches.  her finger foods are limited to puffs and banana.  she now eats 3 meals a day and still nurses 4-5 times a day!

maggie’s sleep is still inconsistent at night.  but we’re working on it! but she is on a really consistent schedule 7-7 during the day.  maggie takes a long morning nap at 9 and a long afternoon nap around 1 -2.  whenever i peak in on her she is sleeping on her side and she seems to be following in her brother’s footsteps and likes to sleep with multiple pacis and her little pink bear.

maggie had her first haircut!

a big change this month is that big brother is at school during the day.  maggie seems to enjoy our strolls to the bus stop in the morning and afternoon.  while jackson has been at school, it has given maggie the opportunity to have a more established schedule, and a little bit more time with me, i can tell she is really excited to see him when he’s home.  she has started hugging him around his neck and he LOVES it.  she patted his back the other day when hugging him and jackson was over the moon!


maggie seems to really like animals, can identify a dog in a book, and at times has seemed like she is trying to say it.  she also has a different word/ sound for the vacuum, another one of her favorite things!  dumping toys is still a favorite past time, she loves music, and when we are out and about she loves to hold mama’s keys.


she is such a fun baby!  we enjoy her so much!


jackson at 10 months

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